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CBRI Initiating Project Collaborations across Sectors between Lincolnshire County Council and Hunan Provincial Government

A variety of opportunities and potentials have been initiated and nurtured based on the framework set out by the twinning relation between Lincolnshire County Council and Hunan Provincial Government. Here outlines typical examples of such across a diversity of sectors including agriculture technology, advanced manufacturing, education, commerce, fishery, sport, music, culture and media etc.

CBRI, commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council as the Council’s Consultant on China Affairs since 2016, takes the initiative to identify, nurture and create tangible collaboration opportunities that are mutually beneficial to stakeholders of both sides. CBRI’s main responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying and creating potential collaboration opportunities between the two regions.
  2. Brokering and match-making for stakeholders of both regions as well as facilitating and advancing business conversations and negotiations.
  3. Advising the Council and Lincolnshire stakeholders regarding strategy and actions to develop commercial opportunities and deliver actions.
  4. Liaising on behalf of the Council as point of contact with relevant government departments and stakeholders in Hunan.
  5. Facilitating and troubleshooting at all levels.

Longping Hi-tech (Agri-tech)

Hunan Agriculture University (Agri-tech)

ISKY Chemical (Agri-tech)

National Wangcheng Economical and Technological Development Zone (Agri-food)

Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric (Advanced manufacturing and machinery)

Sany (Advanced manufacturing and machinery)

Sunward (Advanced manufacturing and machinery)

Hunan University of Technology (Higher education in engineering)

Hunan Normal University School of Sports (Higher education in sports)

Hunan Normal University School of Music (Higher education in music)

Changsha Datong Primary School (Primary education)

Changsha Huanghua Free Trade Zone (Fishery and seafood products trade)

Hunan TV (Media and culture)