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CBRI Commissioned by University of Nottingham to Facilitate Bilateral Project on Food Security and Rural Sustainability

Funded by the Newton (UK) - National Science Foundation Commission (China) Grant, the project “Systematic innovation for food security and rural sustainability in China” is successfully delivered with a key deliverable, a UK-China ECR Links Workshop, in December 2021.

The project is co-hosted by Nottingham University Business School and Rural Development Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with support from James Hutton Institute, Centre for International Agricultural Research of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Agri-EPI Centre, China Britain Regional Initiative. The project involves circa 30 internationally renowned scholars and sector leaders, as well as circa 40 ECRs from across circa 50 universities, research institutes and other organisations in UK and China.

When invited, CBRI has initially offered complimentary consultancy since March 2021 as our corporate social responsibility and response to bilateral government call for actions towards COVID-19 then has been commissioned by University of Nottingham since September 2021 to facilitate Principal Investigator and lead of the project. CBRI’s main responsibilities in supporting the project PI include:

  1. Advising regarding shaping and planning the project
  2. Engaging stakeholders in the project and exploring bilateral opportunities
  3. Shadowing at bilateral online meetings and providing live advice on all aspects and levels
  4. Liaising with bilateral stakeholders to elaborate and smooth for more productivity
  5. Preparing and delivering the workshop
  6. Establishing the UK-China ECR Consortium of Future Rural Studies (CFRS)
  7. Providing administrative support including reviewing, proofing, translating documents; advising regarding IT
  8. Facilitating and troubleshooting at all levels